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Brief Summary

Members of University of Tokyo can request documents from distant resources via MyOPAC or at libraries.

Some journal articles, you can get a copy by e-journals, check E-journal & E-book Portal in advance.

  • Procedure
  • Fee-based services require additional registration at your home library in advance.

What's the "home library"?

At your home library, you can receive books or photocopies you requested. If you do not know which your home library is, please check Library List.

In the case that your laboratory is in different campus from your department, the home library can be changed. Please consult with your nearest library.

e.g.) your department: some one of school of Engineering / your laboratory: some one in Kashiwa campus ... In this case, please consult Kashiwa library.

Payment (at private expense)
  1. Please make the payment to the following bank account after you got email from library.
  2. Bring the ATM receipt to your home library on the day of payment.
  3. Receive the document you requested.
  4. When you request the PDF file, please make payment as soon as the PDF file is available.
Bank Account Information
Bank name: Mitsui Sumitomo Bank(銀行名:三井住友銀行)
Branch: Tokyo Daiichi Shiten(支店名:東京第一支店)
Account Type: Ordinary Account (Futsu Yokin)(口座種別:普通預金)
Account No.: 9519282
Account Name: Kokuritsu daigaku houjin Tokyo daigaku(口座名義:国立大学法人東京大学)

In the University of Tokyo

Reserve (Request delivery of books)

You can request books from other campuses to your home library. Click reserve on MyOPAC search screen.

  • Procedure
  • Additional registration is not required.

    You can not request books from libraries in the same campus as your home library. In such case, you can only reserve on-loan books.

Document Delivery (Copy / PDF)Fee-based

You can request photocopies or PDF files. Click on copy or pdfdelivery on MyOPAC search result screen.

  • Procedure
  • Please register in advance at your home library.

    Application form for the MyOPAC delivery request servicePDF(It is also available at libraries.)

  • Fee
  • Schedule of fees for those whose home library is some library of Libraries for Engineering and IST.

    Holding LibraryPaymentPhotocopy
    Libs. for Eng. & ISTprivate expense20 yen60 yen20 yen
    university expense10 yen10 yen10 yen
    Other Librariesboth private and university expense20 yen60 yen20 yen
  • Check your home library (Library List)

Request Materials from Other UniversitiesFee-based

You can request books, journals or their photocopies from other university libraries to your home library.


Please register in advance at your home library.

Application form for the MyOPAC delivery request servicePDF(It is also available at libraries.)

After registration, click "Copy/Borrow from other univ." on the MyOPAC search result screen.

  • Photocopy
    • University Libraries
      • Fee: around 30-50 yen/per sheet + postage. *different among libraries.
    • National Diet Library
      • Fee: around 30-90 yen/per sheet + packing fee + postage. *different by size, color etc.
  • Loan
    • University Libraries
      • Postage is required. Sometimes handling charge is required.
      • Loan period is different among libraries.
    • National Diet Library
      • Return postage is required.
      • The items must be read only in a reading room of the requesting library.

See "User's guide for MyOPAC Delivery Request Service" for more information.