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Please ask us (Access), if you have any questions about Libraries for Engineering and Information Sciense & Technology.

Please check OPAC Help, if you have questions about OPAC or MyOPAC.

MyOPAC, Delivery Request
  • Which is my home library?
  • If you are a member of the Faculty of Engineering, the School of Engineering and the Graduate School of IST, please check Library List. The members of other faculties, please see List of Univ. of Tokyo libraries.
  • Can I change the home library?
  • In the case that your laboratory is in some different campus (Kashiwa, Komaba I or KomabaII) from your department, the home library can be changed. Please consult with your nearest library.
    e.g.) your department: some one of school of Engineering / your laboratory: some one in Kashiwa campus ... In this case, please consult Kashiwa library.
  • I can not login to the MyOPAC.
  • Please click "Regeister Password" link at the right of the login button, and enter your UserID (the last 10 digits of the number on the right-bottom of your student ID card) and your birth date (yyyymmdd) to create your password. If some error occur, please consult the your home library.
    For details, please see "Change Password -- Help".
  • I have forgotten the password for MyOPAC.
  • Please consult your home library with your student ID card.
  • I have changed my e-mail address/phone number/address.
  • The undergraduates and graduates can change the registration information through UTAS.
    Faculty and staff should consult one of the Libraries for Engineering and Information Science & Technology.
  • I need some books/journals which do not held by the Libraries of the University of Tokyo.
  • You can request photocopies of articles/books/journals from other university libraries to your home library. For details, please see Request Materials from Other Universities.
E-Journals and Databases
  • How do I access E-Journals or Databases from outside the campus?
  • One who has an ECCS account can access E-Journals and Databases off-campus. Please click "SSL-VPN Gateway" link on the left hand of this page. For more details, please see FAQ of GACoS, "Online services available from outside the campus".
  • I can not access some E-Journal/Database from my laboratory.
  • Please ask our library or through ASK Service with:
    -The title of the journal or database
    -The volume and issue of the journal
    -The title and page number of the article
    -IP Address of your computer
  • I do not understand which database is fit my purpose.
  • You can search for databases by source types and subjects in GACoS. If you would like to more information, please consult the library counter or ask through ASK Service.
For non-members of the University of Tokyo
  • Can non-members of the University of Tokyo use the Libraries for Engineering and Information Science & Technology?
  • Non-members can read and photocopy books and journals in the Libraries for Engineering and Information Science & Technology. Note that borrowing is not allowed and copying is permitted only for academic and research use only purpose. You must understand copyright law to use copyrighted materials.
    Before visitting, please search OPAC which library has the materials you are looking for and ask the library. Please see Library List.
    For more information, please see Information for non-members.

Ask on the Web

ASK Service

The University of Tokyo ASK Service allows you to forward your questions to a library through the internet. Answers are usually provided by E-mail.

ASK is a library reference service for members of the University of Tokyo. For non-members, questions about our collections and library services are acceptable.