Recent Topics
  • 01/31

    Ikushi Prize

    Yuki Murai, our graduate student, was awarded Ikushi Prize from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science for academic excellence. Congratulations, Yuki!
    Ikushi Prize 2016
  • 01/19

    Vision Society of Japan 2017 Winter Meeting

    Our master’s student, Shuhei Shima, gave oral presentations at Vision Society of Japan 2015 Winter Meeting.
  • 11/12

    Society for Neuroscience 2016

    Our students gave poster presentations at the 46th annual meeting of Society for Neuroscience held at the San Diego Convention Center.
  • 10/29

    The 8th Illusion Contest

    Two novel visual illusions created by our students were chosen for the 8th illusion contest in Japan. Congratulations to Ryosuke Tanaka and Shuhei Shima!
    The Illusion Contest Website
  • 10/28

    Japanese Psychonomic Society 2016

    Our students gave oral presentation & poster presentations at the 35th annual convention of Japanese Psychonomic Society held in Tokyo Woman’s Christian University.
  • 09/01

    Scientific Reports

    A paper on time perception by Miku Okajima, our graduate student, is now available online!
    Flickering task–irrelevant distractors induce dilation of target duration depending upon cortical distance
  • 08/19

    Vision Society of Japan 2016 Summer Meeting

    Our students gave poster & oral presentations at Vision Society of Japan 2016 Summer Meeting held in Niigata. Shuhei Shima and Yuki Murai, our graduate students, won the Best Presentation Awards. Congratulations!

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