Recommendations for Enhancing Reactor Safety in the 21st Century


1. Introduction

2. Summary of Events at Fukushima Dai-ichi

3. Regulatory Framework for the 21st Century

4. Safety Through Defense-in-Depth
4.1 Ensuring Protection from External Events
4.2 Mitigation
4.3 Emergency Preparedness

5. Implications for NRC Programs
5.1 NRC Inspection Program
5.2 Management of NRC Records and Information
5.3 International Cooperation and Coordination

6. Summary of Overarching Recommendations

7. Applicability and Implementation Strategy for New Reactors

Appendix A . Summary of Detailed Recommendations by Implementation Strategy

Appendix B . Tasking Memorandum

Appendix C . Memo Transmitting Charter for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Task Force to Conduct a Near-Term Evaluation of the Need for Agency Actions Following the Events Iin Japan