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Recommended Books List by Students (Junior TA)
(in Japanese)

How to Use the Libraries for Engineering and IST


Library Hours Lunch Hours
(No Counter Service)
Eng. 1 Library A 9:30-17:30 12:30-13:30  
Eng. 1 Library B 9:30-17:30 12:30-13:30  
Eng. 2 Library 9:30-19:00   available after 17:30 :
-Borrowing, Returning and Using the materials held in 5th floor
-Using the library equipment
Eng. 3 Library 9:30-17:30 12:30-13:30  
Eng. 4 Library 9:30-17:30 12:30-13:30  
Eng. 5 Library 9:30-17:30 12:30-13:30  
Eng. 6 Library 9:30-17:30 12:30-13:30  
Eng. 7 Library 9:30-17:30 12:30-13:30  
Eng. 14 Library 9:30-17:30 12:30-13:30  
Sci. 7 Library 9:30-17:30 12:30-13:30  

Closed Days: Saturday, Sunday, National Holidays and New Year's Holidays (December 27th to January 5th), Entrance examinations period
*Library may also be closed for some events.

Entry Procedure

Not required
*Please show your IC University ID card or library card, if the library staff direct you.


  • Books
  • Up to 5 books for 2 weeks / Present your IC University ID card or library card. / Loan periods can be extended up to 4 times.

  • Journals
  • Conditions are different among libraries:

    Library Borrowing Period
    Eng. 1 Library A 3 days
    Eng. 1 Library B current day
    Eng. 2 Library current day
    Eng. 3 Library current day
    Eng. 4 Library current day
    Eng. 5 Library current day
    Eng. 6 Library current day
    Eng. 7 Library 1 day (by the next day)
    Eng. 14 Library current day
    Sci. 7 Library current day


  • Photocopying at university expense
    • department copy card
    • university expense application form
    • prepaid card purchased at university expense
  • Photocopying at private expense
  • Library Payment Notes
    Eng.1A, Eng.2, Eng.3, Eng.4, Eng.6, Eng.7, Eng.14, Sci.7 UT CO-OP copy card Please purchase the UT CO-OP in advance and bring it.
    Only Eng.2 Library has a card machine.
    Eng.1B Faculty of Letters copy center card Card vending machine (accepts 1000 yen notes only)
    Eng.5 Coin copy Accepts 1000 yen notes
  • Fee
    • university expense: both black-and-white and color: 10 yen per sheet
    • color photocopier available at: Eng.2, Eng.5, Eng.7, Eng.14

    • private expense: black-and-white: 10 yen per sheet / color: 50 yen per sheet
    • color photocopier available at: Eng.1B, Eng.2

User Registration

  • Services available with your IC university ID card after registration:
    • Borrowing
    • MyOPAC
    • Entering libraries in University of Tokyo
  • Procedure
    1. Show your IC university ID card
    2. Present "Application form to Pass to Library of the University of Tokyo" (東京大学附属図書館利用証交付申請書)
    3. If you do not have IC University ID card (yet), you should come to the Eng. 2 Library with your ID card. You can get a library card.
    4. *To get an ID card, please ask the General Affairs Team, the General Affairs Group of the Engineering and Information Science and Technology. It will take about 1 week.

  • Change of Registered Information
  • Please bring your IC University ID Card or library card to any building library.

    * Changes in name, contact information, position, affiliation, departing from the university

How to Search Library Materials

Please see How to Search.


Please see Dissertation in UT.

Delivery Request

Please see Delivery Request.

Using Other University Libraries

Sometimes pre-arrangement or letters of introduction are needed when visiting another university library. For details, please ask your home library.

Wireless LAN

You can connect to the internet with your PC using wireless LAN in libraries.

*In order to use UTokyo WiFi wireless LAN, you need to apply to use wireless LAN in advance.
(Students need to register an ECCS account, too.)

Group Study

There is a Group Study Room in Eng. 2 Library.

  • Conditions:
    • Hours: 9:30-18:30
    • Equipment: wireless LAN, White Board, Projector (application is required)
    • Only for group study with library materials
    • Representative has to be a member of the Faculty of Engineering, the Graduate School of Engineering or the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology.
    • More than 3 people
    • Less than 3 hours per day
    • Do not eat or drink
  • Procedure
    • Reservations are accepted two weeks before use
    • Non-Reservation (when the room is vacant)
    • apply to Eng. 2 Library
      TEL: 03-5841-6731
      E-mail: kogaku2#lib.u-tokyo.ac.jp (Change # to @)

Database Training Course

  • Database Training Course for members of school of engineering and graduate school of information science and technology
  • It is held in spring and autumn. You can learn how to search books or jounral articles by using OPAC, e-jounrlas and other essential databases briefly. For details, please check news of this website.

  • Database Training Course for members of University of Tokyo
  • The Academic Information Literacy Section at the Information Technology Center conducts database training courses. They are mainly held at General Library. They consist of a rich variety of content, such as how to use OPAC, electronic journals, individual database, etc.

    For details, see GACoS.


Library staff can answer questions on library use and documents searches, and so on.