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How to Use the Libraries for Engineering and Information Science & Technology for Alumni


Library Hours Lunch Hours
(No Counter Service)
Engineering Bldg. 1 Library A 9:30-17:30 12:30-13:30  
Engineering Bldg. 1 Library B 9:30-17:30 12:30-13:30  
Engineering Bldg. 2 Library 9:30-17:30    
Engineering Bldg. 3 Library 9:30-17:30 12:30-13:30  
Engineering Bldg. 4 Library 9:30-17:30 12:30-13:30  
Engineering Bldg. 5 Library 9:30-17:30 12:30-13:30  
Engineering Bldg. 6 Library 9:30-17:30 12:30-13:30  
Engineering Bldg. 7 Library 9:30-17:30 12:30-13:30  
Engineering Bldg. 14 Library 9:30-17:30 12:30-13:30  
Science Bldg. 7 Library 9:30-17:30    

Closed Days: Saturday, Sunday, National Holidays and New Year's Holidays (December 27th to January 5th), Entrance examinations period
*Library may also be closed for some events.

Entry Procedure

Please show your Alumni Library Pass card at the counter.

If you don't have the card, present "Apprication form for Use of th Libraries for Engineering and Information Science & Technology, the University of Tokyo" (東京大学工学・情報理工学図書館利用申込書)PDF at the counter.


Not available


Library Payment Notes
Eng.1A, Eng.2, Eng.3, Eng.4, Eng.6, Eng.7, Eng.14, Sci.7 UTokyo CO-OP copy card Please purchase the UTokyo CO-OP in advance and bring it.
Only Engineering Bldg. 2 Library has a card machine.
Eng.1B Faculty of Letters copy center card Card vending machine (accepts 1000 yen notes only)
Eng.5 Coin copy Accepts 1000 yen notes
  • Fee
    • black-and-white: 10 yen per sheet / color: 50 yen per sheet
    • color photocopier available at: Eng.1B, Eng.2

Alumni Library Pass

Alumni Library Pass is issued in the Engineering Bldg. 2 Library. For details about function of the pass, please see this page.

  • Eligible persons
    • Those who graduated the Faculty of Engineering or finished the Graduate School of Engineering or the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology.
    • Those who completed the doctoral program without a doctoral degree.
  • Required Documents
    1. Application Form to Pass to University of Tokyo Library System
      You can find the form at the library counter or download the PDF file from herePDF.
    2. Certificate of graduation or completion
      You can be issued at the academic affairs office.
    3. Identification
      Official identification with your name and address.
  • Application time and place
    • Place: Engineering Bldg. 2 Library
    • Time: weekday 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

You can order by mail for new issuance at the General Library. For details, please see this page.

How to Search Library Materials

Please see How to Search.


Please see Dissertation in UTokyo.