JEA Lecture Series, November 25 at 18:30

2021 JEA Lecture Series“Second-Language Authorship in Contemporary Japanese Literature”

Speaker: Gregory Khezrnejat

Date: Thursday November 25, 2021
Location & Time: 18:30-20:00 (JST)

* This talk will be held online. The Zoom address is available here (accessible via your ECCS Could Mail account).

While still relatively few in number, authors working in Japanese as a second language have become an increasingly visible feature of Japanese literature in recent years. What particular concerns accompany the composition and publishing of second-language literature? How do we contextualize these works with respect to the larger canon? This lecture will approach these issues from the perspective of both research and authorship, discussing the historical development of second-language Japanese literature as well as specific examples from the speaker’s recent novel, Kamogawa Runner.

Speaker profile: Gregory Khezrnejat is an Associate Professor of Modern Japanese Literature at the Hosei University Faculty of Global and Interdisciplinary Studies. He is the author of 『鴨川ランナー』(Kamogawa Runner) and recipient of the 2nd Annual Kyoto Literature Award.

The poster for this talk is available here.