JEA respects diversity. It offers a vibrant learning environment where students from around the world share their experiences and opinions. Students will spend their four years of junior and senior division programs at Komaba Campus, which is dedicated to liberal arts education at the University of Tokyo. The learning environment is a cozy, friendly atmosphere mainly in small classes, allowing students to engage in class activities and build close relationships with their peers as well as faculty members.

Our students are given a range of opportunities to expand the scope of their activities. Most of them attend classes, seminars, symposiums as well as have access to various student services at Hongo Campus, which is the main campus at the University of Tokyo. Studying abroad is highly encouraged and another way to expand academic interests. The university’s network with prestigious academic institutions around the world has often been utilized by our students. Apart from academic life, some students are also encouraged to get involved in various campus communities such as student club activities and sports.

We are proud that our graduates have been quite active all over the world in many areas. Many of our students make the choice to continue their studies at graduate schools either in Japan or abroad. Others use their skills and education to start their careers. Many of our graduates have successfully found job placements in their field or area of interest here in Japan but also throughout the world.