JEA Final Oral Examination, July 15th and 16th

All JEA students and JEA-related faculty are welcome to join the Final Oral Examination of fourth-year students’ senior theses. It will be held online on July 15th and 16th. The details of the Zoom address and program are available here (accessible via your ECCS Cloud system).

PART 1  Thursday July 15th

09:00-09:25  Presentation 1
Kōshien for whom?: The dilemma between winning and development in Japanese and North American High School Baseball

09:30-10:00  Presentation 2
Policing “the wretched of the earth”: A trans-Pacific intellectual history of policing in the Philippines and the United States

PART 2  Friday July 16th

12:00-12:25  Presentation 3
Acquisition of Connective Expressions by Advanced Learners of Japanese

12:25-12:50  Presentation 4
Signaling and Commitment in the East China Sea: A Game Theoretic Analysis of the Sino-Japanese Maritime Dispute

12:50-13:15  Presentation 5
Remembering and Redressing the “Comfort Women”: Examining the transformative potential of the transnational memory of the “comfort women”

13:15-13:40  Presentation 6
China’s growing Presence in the Middle East Is the BRI a sign of a shifting Middle East strategy?

13:40-13:50  Break

13:50-14:15  Presentation 7
China and Japan’s Strategies of Influence on ASEAN Centrality: A Case Study on the Chiang Mai Initiative Multilateralization

14:15-14:40  Presentation 8
Folk Shinto Relations: Connection & Intercultural Communication in a Globalizing World

14:40-15:05  Presentation 9
Blasian is Beautiful: Perceptions of Beauty, Agency and Shifting Ideals in Mixed African Asian Women