• Sakasai, Akito  (Director)
    Modern and Contemporary Japanese Literature, Literary Theories, Postcolonial Criticism
  • Okachi, Michinao (Curriculum Manager)
    Macroeconomics, International Economics, International Finance
  • Isaka, Riho (Deputy Director)
    Modern South Asian History, Postcolonial Theory
  • Suzuki, Sanae 
    International Relations, Comparative Regionalism, ASEAN
  • Takahashi, Fumiko
    Sociology of Education, Immigrant and Refugees
  • Maeshima, Shiho
    Cultural History of Modern Japanese Media, Print Culture, Everyday Modernity
  • Modern Chinese Literature, Critical Theory
  • Yoshimoto, Iku
    International Relations, Global Politics, International Political Economy
  • Kami, Hideaki 
    Modern Latin American History and International Relations
  • Maeda, Akira
    Economic Analysis, Energy and Environmental Policy, Climate Change
  • Thompson, Mieko
    Applied Linguistics for Japanese as a Second Language, Collaborative Learning, Qualitative Research
  • Giraudou, Isabelle
    Environmental Law, Earth System Governance, Critical Legal Theory
  • Kuhn, Felix
    International Relations, Diplomatic History

Administrative Staff

  • Ha, Seungeon
  • Matsuoka, Tomoyuki
    #424 PEAK Common Room, Bldg. 8