Study and Manipulate Biological Systems Using the Power of Chemistry!

Our challenge is developing new chemical tools to study and manipulate biological systems that have not been tractable.

Project 1. Exploration of a new research field, "In vivo Chemistry"

We are exploring a next-generation research field, "In vivo Chemistry", by integrating our unique molecular designs, highly-sensitive and selective analytical technologies of biological molecules, and methodologies for regulating molecular-kinetcs and pharmacokinetics.

Project 2. Development of synthetic growth factors for regulation of cellular functions and differenciation.

We are developing new molecules that can control proliferation and differenciation of cells and developing new biotechnolgy that contributes to regenerative therapy and drug development.

Project 3. Rational design and high-throughput screening of synthetic molecules for drug discovery.

We aim at developing bioactive compounds that can be utilized as drug leads and molecular tools for biological studies by integrating rational designs of chemical structure and high-throughput screening of synthetic compound libraries.