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Aims of AgTECH

The Agro-Biotechnology Research Center (AgTECH) is a center attached to the Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences (GSALS), and plays a leading role in research and educational activities in microbial/plant biotechnology to solve problems associated with food shortage, environmental pollution, natural resource depletion, and human health.

All the staff in the center also participate in educational courses for graduate students in GSALS. In addition, the Center supports researchers in other divisions of GSALS by providing advice and facilities.

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NEWThe 5th Global Innovation Workshop was held.

The followings were selected as excelent presenters. Congratulations!

Oral presentation

Jung Yerim (Lab of Fermentation Microbiology) M2

Youming Liu (Lab of Envioranmental Biochemistry) D1

Poster presentation

Yifan Wang (Lab of Microbial Biotechnology) D3

The 4th Global Innovation Workshop was held in-person.

The followings were selected as excellent presenters. Congratulations!

Oral presentation

Yuxun Zhu (Lab of Synthetic Biology) D2

Shixuan Hu (Lab of Fermentation Microbiology) D2

Mailun Yang (Lab of Plant Biotechnology) D1

Poster presentaion

Xu Hao (Lab of Synthetic Biology) M2

Yuanhao Zhu (Lab of Environmental Biochemistry) M2

Liangning Lu (Lab of Environmental Biochemistry) M2

Yuta Hayashi (Lab of Cell Biotechnology) D1

3rd Global Innovation Workshop was held as a lively Zoom meeting

The followings were selected as excellent presenters. Congratulations!

Sumire Kurosawa (Lab of Cell Biotechnology) D3

Yuma Onoue (Lab of Plant Biotechnology) M2

Seiji Kawai (Lab of Fermentation Microbiology) M2

Biotechnology Research Center was reorganized into the Agro-Biotechnology Research Center (AgTECH) and made a new start.
2st Gloval Innovation Workshop was held on Nov 10th as a lively Zoom meeting
2018 Annual Symposium of Biotechnology Research Center ended in a great success
A lively discussion was made in 1st Gloval Innovation Workshop on June 4
 JSPS Bilateral Joint Seminar "US-Japan Joint Seminar on Microbial Biotechnology: University of Minnesota BioTechnology Institute, UTokyo Biotechnology Research Center, and Department of Biotechnology/Applied Biological Chemistry" was held at BioTechnology Institute, University of Minnesota.
Apr. 01, 2017 Prof. Yanagisawa has promoted and became head of Laboratory of Plant Functional Biotechnology
Toward the development of the student exchange and collaboration projects with the Biotechnology Institute of the University of Minnesota
A lively discussion was made in 6th Seminar of Biotechnology Research Center (SBRC) on April 24
Annual Report 2014 (39 MB)

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