UBI seminar (19th) 2018年4月11日(水)
 Room 107, No.16 Building, Komaba-I, University of Tokyo 10:30~
 Speaker:Dr. Murat Erkurt
      Centre for Complexity Science and Department of Mathematics, Imperial College London
 title:Emergence of Form in Embryogenesis

概要:Development of form in an embryo is the result of a series of symmetry breakings starting from topological and informational singularity of the zygote. Pattern generating reaction-diffusion systems are not capable of form generation, as they are locally isotropic. We introduce Vector-Reaction-Diffusion-Drift system based on three new concepts: source-field coupling, local drift for global symmetry breaking and vector morphogens as pillars of form. An integrated model with topological, physical, chemical and regulatory layers is presented. Simulation of blastula moving into gastrulation shows realistic form generation as an emergent phenomenon of the ensemble of locally interacting identical cells. We further expand our model by introducing Dynamical Cell Differentiation where the regulatory genome is generalized into a finite-state-machine. This allows symmetry breakings to be choreographed into sub-spatial domains resulting in further detailed form generation.