UBI seminar (18th) 2018年4月11日(水)
 Room 107, No.16 Building, Komaba-I, University of Tokyo 10:30~
 Speaker:Prof. Henrik Jeldtoft Jensen
      (1 Centre for Complexity Science and Department of Mathematics, Imperial College London
          2 Institute of Innovative Research, Tokyo Institute of Technology )

 title:The Emergence of Weak Criticality in SOC systems

概要:Since Self-Organised Criticality (SOC) was introduced in 1987, both the nature of self-organisation and criticality remains controversial. Recent observations on rain precipitation and brain activity suggest that real systems display a dynamics that is similar to the one observed in SOC systems, making a better understanding of such systems more urgent. Here we focus on the Drossel-Schwable forest-fire model (FFM) of SOC and show that despite the model has been proved to not being critical, it nevertheless exhibits a behaviour that justifies the introduction of a new kind of weak criticality. (in collaboration with Lorenzo Palmieri1)