UBI seminar (17th) 2018年4月9日(月)15:00~16:00
 Faculty of Science Building #1, room 413 (4th Floor)
 東京大学本郷キャンパス理学部1号館4階 413号室
 Speaker:Chwee Teck (C.T.) Lim PhD
      NUS Society Professor
      Mechanobiology Institute, National University of Singapore

 title:Modes of Collective Cell Migration in Health and Disease

概要:Cells migrating in sheets or large cohorts tend to behave very differently from cells migrating individually, especially under geometrical or physical constraints. Such distinctive behavior of cells migrating in a collective manner underlies several important biological processes such as wound closure, maintenance of intestinal epithelium, developmental processes and even cancer metastasis. As such, they can also provide important insights towards better tissue repair and regenerative medicine. Here, we characterized the kinematic behavior of epithelial cell cohorts migrating under well defined geometrical constraints and physical confinements such as on a 2D narrow strips and within 3D microtubes. We also studied collective cell migration over areas without cell adherent proteins to examine the formation of epithelial bridges so as to better wound closure mechanisms. Finally, we extended our studies to examine the different modes of collective cell migration of both malignant and highly invasive breast cancer cells.

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