UBI seminar (14th) 2017年11月29日(水)
 東京大学駒場キャンパス16号館827  10:40 -
 講演者:Philippe Marcq (Inst. Curie)
 title:Inference of the stress field of a cell sheet

概要:The mechanical behavior of living tissues is deeply connected with many important biological questions, yet little is known about internal tissue mechanics. Since the traction forces exerted by cells on a planar, deformable substrate can be measured,
we propose to combine traction force data with Bayesian inversion to estimate the internal stress field of a cell sheet. The method is validated using numerical simulations performed in a wide range of conditions. It is robust to changes in each ingredient of
the underlying statistical model. Importantly, its accuracy does not depend on the rheology of the tissue. Combining Bayesian inversion with Kalman filtering allows to process time-lapse movies of the traction force field. As an example of application,
we provide an estimate of the tissue stress field close to cell delaminations in an epithelial cell monolayer.