Tokyo-Berkeley Summer School "Geometry and Mathematical Physics"

July 21 - July 31, 2015

Kavli IPMU
The University of Tokyo


About the Summer School
This Summer School will be held in the framework of the program for Strategic Partnership
UC Berkeley / UTokyo.

symplectic geometry, primitive forms, Calabi-Yau manifolds, mirror symmetry, Gromov-Witten invariants,
Donaldson-Thomas invariants and derived geometry

July 21 - July 24 [Balcony A, Seminar Room B] Preliminary introductory lectures and student session [Program]
July 24 Student Session [Program]
July 27 - July 31 [Lecture Hall] Mini-courses and lectures on more specific topics [Program]
Workshop dinner : Tuesday, July 28, 18:00--20:00 Ikoi Kashiwa Campus

[Talk slides]
D. Morrison, Lecture 1

K. Hori

Important Notice
Travel Information and Accommodations
UC Berkeley students
HSE students

Lecturers will include :
Kentaro Hori
Akishi Ikeda
Mikhail Kapranov
Kyoji Saito
Yukinobu Toda
Todor Milanov
David Morrison
Nicolai Reshetikhin
Masahito Yamazaki

Organizing Committee :
Akishi Kato, Toshitake Kohno, Todor Milanov, Nicolai Reshetikhin

Supported by
Top Global University Project, MEXT, Japan
Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)
Leading Graduate Course for Frontiers of Mathematical Sciences and Physics (FMSP)