Challenge!! Open Governance 2016

Contest for solving regional issues with effective use of data

  • STEP1

    Inviting municipalities to register regional issues
    (June to August 2016)

    1. ・Municipalities nationwide are invited to present regional issues that they want the public (citizens and students) to help solve.
    2. ・We sincerely hope that municipalities expecting to benefit from a new data-based analytical approach for finding solutions will apply for the Challenge.
    Application guidelines for municipalities
  • STEP2

    Inviting citizens/students to present ideas for solutions
    (September to December 2016)

    1. ・We are inviting citizens and students to present ideas to solve regional issues presented by municipalities.
    2. ・We are looking forward to receiving applications from those who seek to probe deeply into problems by using data effectively and identifying solutions independently.
    Application guidelines for citizens and students
  • STEP3

    Evaluation and recommendations for improvement
    (January to April 2017)

    1. ・We will evaluate applications by focusing on both ideas and the partnership between citizens/students and municipalities.
    2. ・Short-listed teams for the final open review in March will be given recommendations for improvement.
    Evaluation and recommendations for improvement
  • Sponsored by

    “Public Administration & Information Technology” (PadIT), research project of the Graduate School of Public Policy,
    the University of Tokyo

  • Co-sponsored by

    Social ICT Global・Creative Leader Education Program (GCL)

  • Corporate Citizenship Partner


  • In cooperation with

    Harvard University

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