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Courses Offered in the Junior Division

The English language courses offered in the Junior Division of the College of Arts and Sciences include English I (EfAS), English II S (FLOW), English II W (ALESS, ALESA) and Integrated Courses (Group L). All students are required to gain at least 2 credits in English I, 3 credits in English II, and 3 credits from the English-language courses in Integrated Courses (Group L).

In "English for Arts and Sciences (EfAS)" (2 terms), the same textbooks are used in all classes. The students are divided into groups according to their English-language proficiency. For more information on the textbooks, please go to the “Publications” page.

English II S (1 term), also known as FLOW (Fluency-Oriented Workshop), are courses centred around academic discussions.

English II W (1 semester) are courses on academic writing. These courses are offered as ALESA (Active Learning of English for Students of the Arts) for Humanities and Social Sciences students and as ALESS (Active Learning of English for Science Students) for Natural Sciences students.

Integrated Courses (Group L) allow students to choose specific courses according to their interests and language proficiency. These courses are offered either as term or semester courses at the intermediate and advanced levels.


University of Tokyo English Education Program (UTEEP)


The Department of English Language cooperates in the running of the “University of Tokyo English Education Program” (UTEEP,, a graduate programme for which diplomas are awarded by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. The programme aims to train future teachers of English at the university level. Members of our Department, including those affiliated at the graduate school level to the departments of Language and Information Sciences, Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies, and Area Studies, serve on the UTEEP Committee and teach in the programme.


Faculty Development


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The Department of English Language actively fosters faculty development (FD) in order to enhance the quality of English language education offered in the College of Arts and Sciences. The faculty members are encouraged to exchange pedagogical information, such as syllabuses and textbooks. In addition to the day-to-day exchange of information among the staff, the department has been holding special workshops and symposia, such as the “English for Arts and Sciences Workshop” held in March 2014, “ALESS+ALESA Symposium” held in April 2014, the “FLOW Information Session” held in March 2015 and the ‘Symposium on Academic Writing in an L2 Context’ held in January 2018.

FLOW Info Session

Jan 30 2018 Writing Symposium Poster


Development of Teaching Materials



The Department of English Language has had a long history of developing its own teaching materials specially designed for use in the courses it offers in the College of Arts and Sciences, and making these teaching materials available to the wider public through publication. The textbooks published by the Department include those designed for use in the English I classes (The Universe of English, The Expanding Universe of English, The Universe of English II, The Expanding Universe of English II, On Campus, Campus Wide, and English for Arts and Sciences: Reader I & II), as well as First Moves: An Introduction to Academic Writing, Active English for Science, which originated from the ALESS programme, and Enrich Your Academic Vocabulary: The UT Handbook of Academic Vocabulary. For more information on these textbooks, please go to the “Publications” page.

The Department has also created a folder on “English Pronunciation and Phonetic Symbols”, which explains the basics of phonetics and phonetic symbols as a requirement for studying English at university level and is distributed to all incoming students. Such teaching materials as these are constantly being developed and will continue to be developed by the members of our Department.


Pamphlet for Referencing in Academic Writing

In Your Own Words

The Department of English Language have in the past distributed two pamphlets to all students enrolled in the courses offered by ALESS and ALESA: [In Your Own Words or Others'?: Guidelines on Quoting, Paraphrasing, Translating, References and Plagiarism], and [Introduction to Citing and Referencing]. In March 2018, these pamphlets were updated and combined into one booklet called, ‘In Your Own Words or Others?: Participating in Knowledge Production.’

If you would like to browse through the booklet, please inquire at the department office.


Publication of Komaba Journal of English Education (KJEE)

KJEE Vol.1

The Department of English Language has been publishing the Komaba Journal of English Education (KJEE) each year since 2010 as a forum for discussions on university-level English education. The papers published in KJEE include those by members of the Department of English Language, as well as the final papers of students enrolled in the University of Tokyo English Education Program (UTEEP). The papers in the journal are written in English and are reviewed by the members of the UTEEP Committee. For the contents of KJEE, please go to the “Publications” page. All the papers can be downloaded in pdf.

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Komaba Writers' Studio (KWS)

Since April 2008, the Komaba Writers' Studio (KWS) has been providing writing tutorials and opportunities for speaking practice to support students enrolled in ALESS/ALESA and FLOW (see Course Offered in the Junior Division). KWS is located in the KOMCEE East building, and many students gather in this bright-lit space to ask questions and seek consultation. We are currently coming up with additional plans to use this space for a broader range of educational activities.

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