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教授 高井まどかIn order to realize our prosperous, safe and healthy lifestyles, progress of medical technologies, solutions to environmental and energy problems and, furthermore, the development of electronic technologies will be important. As a result, it is a critical issue in the medical field to develop new functional materials. Our laboratory group is engaging the research on functional materials for realizing innovative medical system. First and foremost, the major requirement of the newly-developed materials is that it has to be gentle to humans (biocompatible). Indeed, organisms possess an innate ability to stay alive and live well. We aim to learn from nature, and utilize it for developing human-friendly biomaterials. There are still a number of mysterious phenomena in nature that we do not know the mechanism of the functional realization. In particular, water is an important player in order to realize the function of the biomolecules like proteins and cells, which is the smallest unit of life. Therefore, is essential to understand the dynamic water interface between materials and biological matter (biomolecules). So we aim to design novel materials by exploring and elucidating the mechanisms of functional expression at the molecular level. In addition, we believe that it is our mission as researchers of medical engineering field to leverage the knowledge and technology obtained in the laboratory to produce products that can be used in actual society. In the Department of Bioengineering, students can learn the engineering basis (materials, chemistry, physics, electrical and electronic, machinery, nuclear power) for creating medicine and medical equipment. We welcome all the students with the willingness to contribute to the society to create innovative medical technology. In the Graduate School of Engineering, we will ask you to take the Master/Doctoral Course Examination before entry. For Ph.D. holders, we invite you to join as a Postdoctoral (PD) Scholar for JSPS. If you are interested in becoming a graduate student or PD in our lab, please contact me (takai“at”

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