UBI seminar
 Date: September 15, 16:00~
 Place: Room 107, No.16 Building, Komaba-I, University of Tokyo, & Zoom
 Speaker:Jae Kyoung Kim (KAIST and IBS, South Korea)
 Title: Inference of Dynamic Networks in Biological Systems

Biological systems are complex dynamic networks. In this talk, I will introduce GOBI (General Model-based Inference), a simple and scalable method for inferring regulatory networks from time-series data. GOBI can infer gene regulatory networks and ecological networks that cannot be obtained with previous causation detection methods(e.g., Granger, CCM, PCM). I will then introduce Density-PINN (Physics-Informed Neural Network), a method for inferring the shape of the time-delay distribution of interactions in a network. The inferred shape of time-delay distribution can be used to identify the number of pathways that induce a signaling response against antibiotics. This solves the long-standing mystery, the major source of cell-to-cell heterogeneity in response to stress.