Groups of Diffeomorphisms 2006

September 11-15, 2006

University of Tokyo, Japan


Groups of diffeomorphisms, Moduli and classifying spaces, Mapping class groups,
Characteristic classes, K-theory, Symplectic geometry, Foliations

Invited Speakers

Toshiyuki Akita    Joan Birman    Hisaaki Endo    Sergio Fenley
Koji Fujiwara    Etienne Ghys    Richard Hain    Kiyoshi Igusa
Nariya Kawazumi    Teruaki Kitano    Dieter Kotschick    Yoshihiko Mitsumatsu
Shigeyuki Morita    Hitoshi Moriyoshi    Kaoru Ono    Robert Penner
Leonid Polterovich    Takuya Sakasai    Ulrike Tillmann    Takashi Tsuboi
Karen Vogtmann   

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Banquet Page

Scientific Committee

T. Tsuboi (Univ. Tokyo), D. Kotschick (Univ. Munich), N. Kawazumi (Univ. Tokyo),
Y. Mitsumatsu (Chuo Univ.), T. Kitano (Soka Univ.)

Organizing Committee

Y. Mitsumatsu, M. Fujii, Y. Kasahara, T. Kitano, T. Morifuji, M. Suzuki

Organizing Staff

T. Sakasai, K. Horie and the members of Organizing Committee.

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Partially Supported by
(1) JSPS Core-to-Core Program;
"New developments of Arithmetic Geometry, Motive, Galois Theory, and their practical applications."

(2) Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A) 16204005, (A) 17204007 and (A) 18204002, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.
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Symposium on Groups of Diffeomorphisms, 2006
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