Tsugama Laboratory — For Genomics of Plant Resources
植物資源ゲノミクス研究室 (津釜研)   (C) 2019 Daisuke Tsugama

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Population growth and environmental degradation have both been rapidly proceeding in the world. It is important to restore vegetation and to develop sustainable food production systems that do not need much labor and agrochemical input. These require good use of plants. Plants are also indispensable as ornaments and sources of diverse tastes and fragrances.

Our laboratory aims to elucidate growth traits, especially stress tolerances, of various plant species, to identify genes relevant to those traits, and to find and/or generate right plants in right places.

Lab introduction with Tetsuo Takano Lab
(Japanese version may be more helpful to Chinese students)

  Japanese version 日本語版



Lab introduction with Tetsuo Takano Lab
(Japanese version may be more helpful to Chinese students)

  Japanese version 日本語版

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Materials and Methods

Powerful machines are available

Our materials include pearl millet, garden asparagus, Arabidopsis thaliana, Brassica rapa and other plant species (see Topics). Any plant materials of your interest are welcome.

Our research is based on plant genomics and molecular biology. These include gene cloning, protein analysis, genome sequencing, genetic analysis, analysis of transgenic and genome-edited plants, etc. For these, we also grow plants in our field and evaluate their traits.


トウジンビエ、アスパラガス、シロイヌナズナ、Brassica rapaなど、様々な植物種を材料として研究を行っています(Topics参照)。材料は自らの興味に基づいて選定していただいて(基本的には)大丈夫です。


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Contact Information

Our lab belongs to Asian Natural Environmental Science Center (ANESC), The University of Tokyo. Our lab is also a cooperating laboratory for Major in Applied Biology and Department of Agricultural and Environmental Biology of Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences / Faculty of Agriculture, The University of Tokyo.

Undersraduate students in Major in Applied Biology and Major in International Sustainable Agriculture Development can choose our lab to conduct research for the graduation thesis. Students participating in M.Sc. and Ph.D. courses of Department of Agricultural and Environmental Biology can also join us. A post-doc or a researcher who has no finantial support is not acceptable, but may be helped to apply together for scholarship and/or research grants. Any question is welcome.

Lab Manager (and PI): Daisuke Tsugama

E-mail: dtsugama[-at-]anesc.u-tokyo.ac.jp (replace [-at-] with @)

Tel: +81-42 463 1618

Address: 1-1-1 Midori-cho, Nishi-tokyo-shi, Tokyo 188-0002, Japan (in the university research farm)

私たちの研究室は東京大学アジア生物資源環境研究センターの研究室の一つであり、東京大学大学農学部 応用生物学専修と同大学院農学生命科学研究科 生産・環境生物学専攻の協力講座の一つです。


研究室マネージャー (兼PI): 津釜 大侑

E-mail: dtsugama[-at-]anesc.u-tokyo.ac.jp ([-at-] を @ で置き換えてください)

Tel: 042-463-1618

Address: 〒188-0002 東京都西東京市緑町1-1-1 東京大学生態調和農学機構内 (旧東大農場内 — 良いところです)

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2020.5  Published papers in Plant Signal Bhav, Planta and Biochem Biophys Res Commun! 論文公開されました。

2019.12.28  Published genomics interface! データベース公開しました。

2019.12.20  Published a paper in Plant Signaling & Bhavior! 論文公開されました。

2019.11.19  Published a paper in Data in Brief! 論文公開されました。

2019.11.12  Published the website. ウェブサイト公開しました。

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