Dr. Hubiao Huang

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology, School of Engineering

The University of Tokyo



Hubiao Huang


09/2017–Present: Project Researcher (Advisor: Prof. Takuzo Aida, Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology, The University of Tokyo, Japan)

10/2014–09/2017: PhD, JSPS Research Fellow (Advisor: Prof. Takuzo Aida, Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology, The University of Tokyo, Japan)

04/2014–09/2014: Visiting Researcher (Advisor: Prof. Takuzo Aida, RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science, Japan)

08/2011–03/2014: Master (Advisor: Prof. Xinsheng Peng, Material Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University, China)

Research Funding

2019–2021: UTokyo-Tsinghua Collaborative Research Fund

4,000,000 yen for two years

2015–2018: JSPS Young Scientist Fellowship

KAKENHI-PROJECT-15J10616, 2,800,000 yen for three years

2014: Academic Rising Star Award Grant from Zhejiang University

Awarded $3,000 grant-in-aid for conference traveling and research


2019: Travel Grant GRC on Crystal Growth and Assembly

2018: CEMS Rising Star Award (CMESupra 2018, Tokyo, Japan)

2018: Government Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Student Abroad

2017: RIKEN Prize (GRC on Self-Assembly & Supramolecular Chemistry, Switerland)

2016: BASF Rising Star Award Finalist

2015: JSPS Research Fellow

2014: SEUT Fellowship (The University of Tokyo)

2014: Academic Rising Star Award (10 Awardees per Year in Zhejiang University)

2014: Outstanding Graduate Student (Zhejiang University)

2013: National Scholarship (Chinese Ministry of Education)

2013: 3M Campus Innovation Award

2007: First-Class Scholarship

2007: Merit Student

2006: National Motivation Scholarship (Chinese Ministry of Education)

2006: Merit Student


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