Out-of-Equilibrium Dynamics of Molecular Assembly

Chemistry for Intermediate between Living and Non-Living Matter

Research interests

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Supramolecular Chemistry

Minimal Cell Model.
Origins of Life.
Synthetic Biology.


Analytical Chemistry

Membrane Fluctuation Measurement.
Laser Spectroscopy.
Flow Cytometry.



In vivo Vesicle Marker.
Drug Delivery System.
NIR Fluorescence Imaging.


Soft Matter

Field Programmable Soft Device.
Network Structure.


Short curriculum vitae

Awards and Honors

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Teaching Policy

(1) Search, (2) Plan, (3) Act (experiment), (4) Act (reference experiment 1), (5) Act (reference experiment 2), (6) Discuss, and (7) Chat (brainstorming).
I recommend this activity cycle. To develop research themes for new lab members, I always consult with the new members, and suggestions for new research themes are always welcome. It is important to establish original strategy and science for each group member.

If you successfully obtain any experimental results you want, you approach nice invention. Otherwise, you potentially approach fantastic discovery.
Namely, if the experiments are successful, the results may be used for development of your sciences and useful technologies. Alternatively, the experiments may improve your understanding of basic mechanisms. This attitude toward experimentation is desirable in my group.

"The secret is comprised in three words --- Work, Finish, Publish." Michael Faraday
This is the scientific philosophy in my group.

In a discussion with me, I encourages members to use several theoretical approaches, such as Venn diagrams, truth tables, reduction to absurdity (and contrapositive arguments), tree diagrams, squeeze theorems, as well as deductive reasoning.

My own research focuses on molecular design and analytical chemistry. However, my research interests have expanded to include subjects ranging from physics to biology throughout my activities. In my opinion, to succeed in a given academic field, one or two professional skills and broad interests are required. Daily effort is highly recommended for the members in my group.

Presentation of results to research experts, not only in the nearby region but also from other regions, is greatly admired. I encourage group members to write and present logically sophisticated proposals, research papers, and bulletin reports. Attending seminars and national/international conferences is highly encouraged because I believe that they provide excellent opportunities for learning and teaching for training themselves among persons with the same age.