Air dose rate at the Tokyo 2020 Oympic sites

Baseball site in Fukushima Azuma site

Marathon course in Tokyo on 19th Sep. 2018.

Strage tanks inside the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant

photo by TEPCO, Nov. 2015.

Collecting environmental samples in evacuation zone

Top: Nagadoro district, Iitate village / Bottom: Ottozawa district, Ohkuma town

Iitate Ohkuma

Air dose rate

Dose rate at 1 m height at Ohkuma town

Mobility of radiocesium in the environment

Monitoring for "hot spot" where radioactive cesium is enriched by using a dosimeter with GPS unit

Revival from Tsunami disaster

Minami-soma city, R260 in Fukushima

What is radiation?

Radiation lectures are held for everyone, especially kids

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