We uploaded some the videos of the Tokyo Olympic game sites to Youtube. The value at the bottom right of the screen indicates the air dose rate (microSv/h). According to Japanese regulation, clean-up is required at exceeding 0.23 microSv/h.

Baseball/Softball site(Fukushima city, 7th Mar. 2018)

Baseball/Softball site(Fukushima city, 20th Feb, 2018)

Baseball/Softball site(Yokohama city, 4th Jan. 2019)

Soccer site(Saitama city, 7th Sep. 2018)

Soccer site(Miyagi, Rifu town, 20th Feb. 2018)

Soccer site(Yokohama city, 4th Jan. 2019)

Soccer site(Sapporo city, 3rd Apr. 2018)

Soccer site(Kashima city, 21st Feb. 2018)

Marathon(42.195 km, Tokyo, 19th Sep. 2018)

Cycling (243 km, Tokyo-Kanagawa-Yamanashi-Shizuoka, 20th Sep 2018)

Basketball(Saitama city, 7th Sep. 2018)

Golf(Kawagoe city, 20th Mar. 2018)

Cycling(Fuchu city 24th Mar. 2018)

Surf(Chiba, Ichinomiya town, 31st Mar. 2018)

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