DirectorKazuyoshi OISHI Professor

Field of Study:
English Literature, Social History

I am Kazuyoshi Oishi, Director of CAWK. My research field centres around British literature and society in the Romantic and Victorian periods. I am also interested in architecture and urban history in general. The process of writing is not always easy, especially when we try to find words and expressions that perfectly match our thoughts and ideas based on deep investigations and deliberations, whether in Japanese or in English. It is a great joy, however, to map out a design of our thoughts and ideas in our own words on a white paper. Let’s appreciate our own voice and rhythm as well while writing.

As Director, I will do my best to make CAWK a pleasant and meaningful place for everyone. Starting with support for English and Japanese courses in Junior Division, CAWK will provide a variety of information and support to help you enjoy and pursue academic writing. Please feel free to contact me. I am here to listen to your concerns and requests, and am looking forward to seeing you!

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Assistant directorMieko THOMPSON Associate Professor

Field of Study:
Japanese as a second language, specializing in collaborative learning and academic writing

I am Mieko THOMPSON, Assistant Director of CAWK. My discipline is Japanese as a second language, specializing in collaborative learning and academic writing. I also pursue research on advising for language learning.

I have been an enthusiastic writer since my childhood; that might be the reason why I chose to engage in scholarly work! I enjoy finding the exact words which describe how I feel or what I see, although the process can be very incremental. Research is somewhat similar in that we reveal some truths which have been embedded in our lives, and finally express them in an articulate manner. Language indeed shapes our thoughts and in turn also defines the world in which we are living.

CAWK offers an optimal environment that will help you to shape your thoughts in writing. Our trained tutors will assist you through constructive dialogues and providing useful resources. We very much look forward to supporting your writing journey at CAWK!

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DIANA KARTIKA Associate Professor

Field of Study:
Sociology of education, Inclusive education

I serve as the English department head at CAWK and my research background is on how educational systems can provide quality education for all students, no matter the backgrounds they come from or the characteristics they have. UTokyo students have a range of past learning experiences, particularly in writing or using English. My experience in teaching English writing at other Japanese universities and writing centres have helped me to see the unique challenges and difficulties that UTokyo students face. First and foremost, my vision is to ensure that there are communication channels to understand students’ evolving needs. Thereafter, to identify effective approaches that support and enable individual students to develop the confidence in expressing their thoughts clearly and accurately in English. Teaching Fellows and Teaching Assistants are at the frontline of CAWK, and together we will work as a team to provide the support that you need.

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Akiko KATAYAMA Project Assistant Professor

Field of Study:
Sociolinguistics, TESOL

I am Akiko Katayama, the manager of Komaba Writer’s Studio (KWS). KWS is a self-access learning studio for first-year U-Tokyo students who are enrolled in the compulsory writing courses (ALESS and ALESA) and the academic speaking course (FLOW). KWS is one of the sections of CAWK. I am also a sociolinguist doing qualitative research about English in the society of Japan. Writing as an academic never becomes easier to me, but it is rewarding to know that someone reads my writing. In the past decade, I have been fortunate to witness the births of academic writers at KWS. KWS tutors are not evaluators, but supportive readers of your writing. I would like you to remember that KWS is a safe space where you can explore your potential with the dedicated support of our tutors. I look forward to having many of you at KWS.

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Soichiro ONOSE Research Associate

Field of Study:
Irish literature(James Joyce)

Hi, my name is Soichiro. I am the co-manager of Komaba Writers’ Studio (KWS), which is affiliated to CAWK. My main role in KWS is to facilitate the ALESS/A and FLOW tutorials and make sure that the students and TAs are getting all the support they need from KWS and CAWK. My research area is modern Irish literature, and I am particularly interested in Irish writers and poets who were active on the international scene around the turn of the 20th century, particularly James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, and W.B. Yeats.

One of the essential things for improving your writing is to find an intelligent and sympathetic reader who can offer constructive feedback, which will help you see your strengths as well as weaknesses as a writer more clearly. TAs at KWS are all such readers, and they can help you become a better writer.

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Administrative AssistantKOHARA

When I was in college, I remember always choosing very niche topics for assignments and being asked by my professors, "Are you sure you can write this?”. The problem is, the more I wrote, the more I got stuck and found it hard to find references. So I had to go to the library and the professor's office many times.

However, I still found writing papers a lot of fun, especially when I was working on the topics that I was really interested in. Since I graduated, I have rarely been able to pursue my intellectual curiosity, so those were rich times for me. I hope you can enjoy learning and writing with the support of CAWK!


KWS charactor

Komame-chan is the KWS character created by a KWS TA from scratch–from the design to the real (stuffed animal) full of love, and is now welcoming everyone at the reception desk and also on KWS Twitter. Please check Komame-chan out!


TFs & TAs (Tutors)

English Language Section



Field of Study:
Japanese language education

Talking to someone is a good idea when you are stuck in writing. Different perspectives from others will help you improve your paper. Please feel free to come to CAWK. I’d love to support you!



Field of Study:
Linguistics (phonology)

I know how hard it is to write an academic paper in English for the first time because I experienced ALESA as an undergraduate. If you have the slightest concern about ALESS/ALESA/FLOW, please feel free to consult with us as early as possible! We’ll think it over together with you.


Ahram HAN

Field of Study:
Politics and International Relations (political and economic area), foreign policymaking

We, the TA and TFs, from various backgrounds and majors are waiting for you at KWS. We not only discuss writing papers in English, we also give you useful tips for writing research papers from the perspective of students.

Please don't hesitate to visit us and let's have some fun writing in English together!



Field of Study:
Latin American Area Studies, Urban Studies, Migration Studies

Hello! Expanding one’s horizon in academia by communicating with people who have diverse interests is a wonderful blessing. As I work on my PhD thesis in English, it is a great honor to engage in a discussion about your research ideas. Looking forward to welcoming and working with you at KWS (CAWK)!

Japanese Language Section


Siyu LI

Field of Study:
Foreign Language education

Do you find it hard to start when writing an academic paper in Japanese? Do you have a great idea but are unsure if it is logically expressed or not? Do you feel nervous about submitting your essay as the deadline approaches? Please don't hesitate to come to CAWK and let’s discuss together! :)



Field of Study:
English Literature

The attempt to express your thoughts in words involves the pain of not being able to write as you wish.

But I also believe that this is the most fruitful form of pain that only those who try to write are entitled to experience.

Please feel free to come to CAWK whenever you have problems with writing!



Field of Study:
Linguistics (Japanese)

There are many things you may not understand when writing reports and papers. We will work with you to navigate those problems and help you find fun in researching and writing!


Bingying ZHANG

Field of Study:
Conversation analysis, discourse analysis, intercultural communication, intercultural adaptation

For me, the most important thing in writing a dissertation is to choose a suitable and innovative topic and to find a corresponding research method. I am involved in both quantitative and qualitative research, so I am happy to offer helpful advice on how to choose your topic and research method, as well as how to analyze the results or data of your research.



Field of Study:
Modern Japanese Literature

I am happy to offer the best support that I can give to anyone coming to CAWK with sincerity and honesty.

Let's open up your possibilities together through developing writing skills and reconsidering our expressions!