April 2008 Establishment of Komaba Writers’ Studio (KWS)
April 2022 Establishment of the Center for Academic Writing at Komaba (CAWK) (KWS integrated into CAWK)
June 2022 Establishment of the Japanese Language Department within the Center for Academic Writing at Komaba (CAWK)

About CAWK

CAWK was established in April 2022 as an institution affiliated with the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the University of Tokyo. Komaba Writers' Studio (KWS) as part of the English Language Division, has been actively engaged in supporting students for ALESS/ALESA/FLOW classes in English and was integrated into CAWK. CAWK further established the Japanese Language Division, to support Japanese classes, which are open to students in PEAK (Programs in English at Komaba) and short-term international students.

From April 2023, CAWK plans to commence support for the First-Year Seminars and Advanced Foreign Language Courses. The Center will continue expanding its support towards academic writing for all other university courses and work towards fostering independent and self-motivated writers starting from the undergraduate level. The support system is based on the principles of nurturing autonomous and self-motivated writers in a peer support environment, rather than correcting the written documents of students. Well-trained graduate students are actively engaged in assisting and tutoring students as Teaching Assistants (TAs) and Teaching Fellows (TFs).

In addition, CAWK has plans to hold workshops that will be open to all UTokyo students, as well as to publish useful resources on academic writing.


Structure・Organization・Future Plan

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List of Support (Tutorials)

If you are an UTokyo student and considering using our services, please visit the website below for more information. Please feel free to stop by our center to get more information about our support services too.

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