Office for Advancement of Research Administrators

Mission and Organization

The Office for Advancement of Research Administrators (hereafter, Office for Advancement of URAs) is responsible for the strategic development of the University of Tokyo’s URA system and was set up with the aim of further strengthening the university’s research capability. The office has the following functions:

  1. 1. Certification and training of URAs
  2. 2. Planning, management, and coordination of the university’s URA system
  3. 3. Selection of Senior Advanced Academic Specialists and Advanced Academic Specialists
  4. 4. Other tasks related to the office’s aims

The Office for Advancement of URAs consists of the Director and Vice Director, Advisers to the President, the General Managers and Managers of the Research Promotion Department and Personnel Department, Senior Advanced Academic Specialists, and Advanced Academic Specialists.

The URAs affiliated with the Office for Advancement of URAs are responsible for the creation of a UTokyo URA network and the planning and management of URA training, both before and after certification. They also play a part in research development activities with the aim of strengthening the research capability of the entire university.