The Uemura Group in the University of Tokyo



New year's gift exchange party
(January 8)




Nakata's best poster award and Oe and Sawayama's poster award 
(December 23)

Nakata's student presentation award and Hayashi's poster award (December 4) 

Farewell party for Biplab
(August 28)

Zoom Party
(April 10)

The commencement 
at Uemura lab.
(March 24) 

Farewell party for Ben
(March 12)

Lecture by Dr. Akimitsu Narita
(February 25)

Science Camp
(February 18-21)

Welcome party for 
Marta Ximenis Campins

(Januray. 16) 


Year End Part
(December. 23)

Welcome party for Siyuan Ye
(November. 13)

Open Campus 2019
(October. 25-26)  

 Lecture by Prof. Shane Telfer (October. 24)

Mizutani's poster award (September. 23)
 Wrap-Up party of entrance examination for B4
(September. 4)

Encouragement Rally Party
(July. 1)

 Ito/Takeya/Uemura-Lab Joint Party (May. 17)

Hanami Party (April. 4)
Prof. Dan Zhao Visit (Mar. 13)

Mochizuki Ph.D Defence
(Feb. 18)


Year-end party
Prof. Cyrille Boyer Visit
Zhang's welcome party

Daniele's leaving & Hosono-sensei's welcome party
Open campus 2018
Mike's leaving party

Wrap up party

Ben's wedding party

BBQ party

Departmental retreat to Lake Yamanaka

Welcome party

Old photos