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Underground geosphere environment has been extensively used to support highly developed human society; e.g., extraction of energy resources and groundwater, waste disposal, construction of tunnels and underground spaces. Because of these activities, environmental problems which affect the sustainability of our society have emerged.
The target of our laboratory is to understand and predict the change of geosphere environment caused by human activities and to develop necessary engineering measures to attain sustainable use of geosphere environment.
Current research topics include,
  1. analyzing water cycles at arid areas and advanced use of geosphere to secure freshwater resources
  2. sustainable usage of groundwater for improving urban environment
  3. modeling long-term fluid flow and material transport processes through geosphere and its application to waste disposal
  4. energy resources exploration
Field Excursion 2008
(Triassic and Jurassic sequences in the Mino terrane, Gifu)
Department of Environment Systems
School of Frontier Science
University of Tokyo
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Geological Engineering, Hydrology, Petroleum Geology, Applied Earth Sciences
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