2018/04/25 Birthday Party for Dr. Okazoe

2017/04/03 Welcome party

2017/03/23 Graduation ceremony

2018/03/15 The fairwell party

2017/03/05 The wrap up party for graduation thesis

2017/12/27 The Year-end Party

2017/11/14-15 The 40th Fluorine Conference of Japan

2017/07/07 Welcome party for Dr.Aikawa

2017/07/05 Dr. Akiyama won the L'Oréal-UNESCO for women in science Japan fellowships 2017

2017/06/09 Kick-off meeting

2017/05/19 Birthday Party for Dr. Akiyama

2017/05/12 The first experiment!

2017/04/25 Birthday Party for Dr. Okazoe