How to join the lab

Admissions Information for Graduate School (Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology)

To enroll in the Graduate School of Engineering as a Master's or Doctoral Student, you are required to successfully pass an entrance examination.
See the website of the Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology.
Okamoto laboratory strongly encourages you to take the exam of the MS/PhD integrated program.

Entrance examination for the graduate courses (Department of Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies)

The course provides mid-career persons with the opportunity to carry out doctoral studies in the university environment.
Before requesting application forms, you are advised to contact the department office and inquire whether you can find an appropriate supervisor. If you want to join the Okamoto laboratory, then you also contact Okamoto by e-mail.
See the website of the Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo

PostDoc application

  1. Contact Okamoto by e-mail
    Contact Okamoto by an email with your CV. If there are some openings in the lab, you would receive an email for the next process.
  2. Apply to the postdoctoral fellowship programs of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)
    Contact Okamoto by an email with your CV before preparing the application form.
    You can find some information on the JSPS postdoctoral fellowship for foreign researchers in the website:

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