Satoshi Yamaguchi, Ph.D.

Satoshi Yamaguchi, Ph.D.

Recent progress in biotechnologies has given us a new biomaterials and bioresources, based on biopolymers and living cells. To produce next-generation bio-based products from these resources, stimuli-responsive chemical tools for externally controlling biopolymers and living cells are promising. In our research group, stimuli-responsive chemical tools working at the bio-interfaces which can simply and precisely control biopolymers and living cells without denaturation and cytotoxicity are developed. In addition, it is also important to visualize the functions and localizations of target biomolecules and cells for creating novel therapy and biotechnology. Accordingly, we challenge to develop in vivo visualization tools by using chemical synthetic technologies. Our research topics are as follows:
1. Chemical tools for increasing production yields from bio-resources
2. Chemical tools for externally controlling biopolymers and living cells
3. Chemical tools for visualizing target biopolymers and cells in vivo





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