Nozaki Group Photo Gallery 2010

2010/11/27  Banyu Chemist Award to Dr. Yamashita from Prof. Hisashi Yamamoto (The University of Chicago)

2010/11/26 Presentation award to Ms. Maki Hasegawa at the 60th anniversary conference on coordination chemistry

2010/11/3 中野助教結婚披露宴@京都 Wedding party for Dr. Nakano

2010/9/9-11 基礎有機化学討論会@名古屋 Symposium on Physical Organic Chemistry@Nagoya

2010/9/4-5  研究室旅行(水上温泉と谷川岳) Lab trip to Minakami-Onsen (hot spring) and Mt. Tanigawa

2010/7/24  山下講師誕生日 Birthday for Dr. Yamashita

2010/7/18-23  Mr. Tanaka, Drs. Ito and Yamashita attended to the 24th International Conference on Organometallic Chemistry at Taipei, Taiwan.

2010/7/10 Poster award to Mr. Kohei Takahashi at 17th International Symposium on Homogeneous Catalysis

2010/7/5-7   福岡で行われた有機金属若手の会に参加しました。Some students attended the young chemists meeting on organometallic chemistry at Fukuoka.

2010/6/17   近畿化学協会有機金属部会の平成22年度第2回例会のお世話をしました。大嶌幸一郎先生、檜山爲次郎先生、磯邉清先生にご講演いただきました。
We hosted the 2nd mini-symposium of Kinki-Chemical Society, Division of Organometallic Chemistry in 2010. Professors Koichiro Oshima, Tamejiro Hiyama, and Kiyoshi Isobe talked thier work.

2010/6/14   Poster award to Mr. Motonobu Takahashi at U-Tokyo/Yonsei-U 3rd-joint symposium

2010/05/22   group BBQ

2010/3/11 伊藤助教誕生日 birthday for Dr. Ito
Unfortunately, Ito-san's name on the cake was wrong (it was written Sato-san). Thanks to nice idea from Mo, "Sato-san" was slightly modified to show "Ito-san". Mr. lecturer was again absent due to meeting with other faculty members, not brousing books.

2010/2/9  野崎教授誕生日 birthday for prof. Nozaki
A house plant was presented to prof. Nozaki. Birthday cakes show her age as an atomic number of palladium. Mr. lecturer is absent because he forgot to join the party due to browsing in the university bookstore.