Nozaki Group Photo Gallery 2008

2008/12/15 工学部5号館バスケットボール大会にて優勝しました。We have won the basketball championship in our building.

2008/12/13 第35回典型元素化学討論会にて奥野友里さん(D1)がポスター賞を受賞。Ms. Okuno got a poster award at the 35th Symposium on Main Group Chemistry.

2008/10/18 中野助教誕生日(ホントは10/20) Dr. Nakano's birthday

2008/9/28-30 有機金属化学討論会にてM1二人が発表

2008/9/12-13  研究室旅行 group trip

2008/7/24 5号館サッカー大会、今年度は1回戦で惜敗。We lost the first game for soccer.........

2008/7/24 山下講師誕生日 Dr. Yamashita, birthday. そして専攻長に講師の辞令を頂くの図。

2008/5/24 野崎教授が猿橋賞を受賞。授賞式の様子。Prof. Nozaki won Saruhashi Prize.

2008/5/12 日本化学会第88春季年会において瀬川泰知君が学生講演賞を受賞。
Mr. Segawa was awarded for his presentation in the 88th CSJ spring meeting.

2008/5/10 Group BBQ in our building with former students

2008/2/9  野崎教授 お誕生日      Prof. Nozaki's birthday
pictures on cake are showing polycarbonate synthesis from CO2 and epoxide. section of the cake looks like "no" in Japanese.

2008/1/23 5号館サッカー大会の優勝カップを囲んでCurrent Topics(抄録会)終了後に全員で記念撮影
Group pict just after current topics seminar with a trophy cup for football game held by chemistry department.