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Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo

東京大学 大学院新領域創成科学研究科 
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(1) Biochemistry of translation system

Using the reconstituted translation systems  (PURE systems) originated of E. coli, yeast and mitochondria, we are promoting biochemical studies to elucidate more precise mechanism of translation process. Recently, yeast PURE system was successfully reconstituted and is now clarifying various regulation mechanism in translational process, such as mRNA-quality control. Studies on animal mitochondrial translation system are also in progress, which will provide us useful clues for the therapy of mitochondrial disease

  PURE systems

(2) Artificial cell based on the PURE system

All the proteins encoded on E. coli genome have been successfully expressed using the PURE system. We are also developing the cell-free system capable of producing complicated complex in cells, such as ATPase on membrane and ribosomal subunits. Through these bottom-up approaches, we would like pave the way to experimental constitution of cell.


  Aartificial cell

(3) Development of medical probes using cell-free system

We are exploring protein-binders    including   antibodies by the   ribosome-display method based  on the  PURE  system. The peptide-drugs targeting GPCR synthesized by the PURE system will be developed by the in vitro evolution system

PURE ribosome display method