(Semi-Final: The correct titles will be provided by the speakers)                                

June 3 (Friday)

Session 1: Nutrition(1) 9:35-12:10


Diet and the role of alveolar macrophages in experimental tuberculosis

I.Sugawara (The Research Inst. of Tuberculosis Japan Anti-Tuberculosis Assoc., Japan)

10:10-10:45 :

Mechanisms of age-associated up-regulation in macrophage PGE2 synthesis and effect of vitamin E

D. Wu (Univ. of Tufts, USA)

10:45-11:00 Coffee Break


Role of vitamin A in the imprinting of gut-homing T cells

M. Iwata (Tokushima Bunri University, Japan)


Retinoid Regulation of Macrophage Functions in THP-1 Cells and In Vivo

A.C. Ross (Univ. of Pennsylvania, USA)

Lunch and Poster Viewing 12:10-13:15

Session 2: Nutrition(2)13:15-16:25


LXRƒ¿ expression in macrophages

M. Naito (Niigata Univ, Japan)


L-arginine metabolism in myeloid and cancer cells controls T cell responses.

PV. Bronte (Univ. of Padova, Italy)


The influence of dietary fatty acids on monocyte/macrophage function

PC. Calder (Univ. of Southampton, UK)

15:10-15:15 Coffee Break


Dysregulation of adipocytokine function and production in the metabolic syndrome

Y. Ogawa (Tokyo Med. and Dent. Univ., Japan)


Molecular and genetic studies examining the inflammatory consequences of obesity.

S. Weisberg (Columbia Univ., USA)

Business Meeting for the Member of the Society 16:25-16:35

Session 3: Poster session 16:35-18:00

Wine and cheese will be served

Top two excellent studies will be elected by members of the society for the study of molecular cell biology of macrophages.

June 4 (Saturday)

Session 4: Lever and the host defence@8:40-11:45


Trafficking and role of dendritic cells in the liver allograft tolerance

K. Matsuno (Dokkyo University School of Mediciene, Japan)


T Cell Responses to Liver Antigens

N. Crispe (Univ. of Rochester, USA)


Cytoglobin/STAP as a marker for visceral vitamin A-storing stellate cells

N. Kawada (Osaka City Univ., Japan)

10:25-10:40: Coffee Break


Osteopontin as a mediator of natural killer T cell function in hepatic diseases

T. Uede (Hokkaido Univ., Japan)


Liver regeneration with the resolution of fibrosis by bone marrow cell transplantation

I. Sakaida (Yamaguchi Univ, Japan)

Lunch and Poster Viewing 11:50-13:00

Session 5: New Topics: 13:00-15:35


Spermine, a natural polyamine, suppresses LFA-1 expression on human lymphocyte

K. SodaiJichi Medical School, Japanj


Pleiotropic effects of cholesterol synthesis inhibitors, statins: a potential therapeutic approach to rheumatoid arthritis

H. OkazakiiJichi Medical School, Japanj

14:10-14:25:Coffee Break


Cytoprotection by EPO and its non-erythropoietic derivatives

P. Ghezz (Instituto hMario Negrih, Italy)


Cardioprotective effects of G-CSF

I. Komuro (Chiba University, Japan)

Session6: Poster session prize laureates 15:35-1600

Second prize winner (12 min)

First prize winner (12 min)

Closing Remarks 16:00-16:15

K Matsushima (Univ of Tokyo, Japan, President of the society)