Macrophages '2000

June 5 and 6 , 2000, Kyoto Park Hotel, Kyoto

Conference Chairperson:Kayo Inaba, Department of

Animal Development and Physiology, Graduate

School of Biostudies, Kyoto Univ.

Plenary Lecture

 Siamon Gordon (Univ of Oxford, UK)

 Macrophage phagocytic receptors in innate and

 acquired immunity

Macrophages and DCs in the Host Defense

1.   Makoto Naito (Niigata Univ) Role of

  macrophage scavenger receptor in atherogenesis

  and host defense

2. Pnina Brodt (McGilI Univ, Canada) The

   role of Kupffer cell-derived cytokines in liver


3. Hiroyuki Yoneyama (Univ of Tokyo)Recruitment

and a role of definite DC precursors in P.acnes-

induced granulomatous liver disease in mice

1.   Steven A. Porcelli (Albert Einstein College

of Medicine, USA) Specialized roles of different CD I proteins in lipid antigen presentation

Development and Subset of DCs

1.   Yong-Jun Liu (DNAX Research lnstittlte,

  USA) Interferon a/b producing cells links innate

and adaptive immunity

2.   Tomoki lto (Kansai Medical Univ)

  Characterization of DC subsets in human

peripheral blood: phenotypical and functional

analyses of DCs in cytokine-network

3.   Yanyun Zhang (Univ of Tokyo) Development of

dendritic cells in vitro from murine fetal liver-

derived lineage phenotype-negative c-kit+

hematopoietic progenitor cells

4.   Hisahiro Yoshida (Kyoto Univ) Sequential

expression of IL-7Ra and a4b7 integrin defines

developmental pathways to myeloid-, B-, T-,

Peyerfs patch inducer-, natural killer-, and


5.   Derek N. J. Hart (Mater Medical Research

Institute, Australia) New monoclonal

antibodies define three phenotypic subsets of

human blood DC

Plenary Lecture 2

Ralph M. Steinman (Rockefeller Univ, USA)

   Emerging areas of dendritic cell biology,

   especially the remarkable specializations for

   antigen uptake and MHC-peptide complex


From DC Biology to Immunotherapy 1     

1.   Muriel Moser (Univ, Libre de Bruxe11es,

Belgium) Regulation of T helper differentiation

by antigen-presenting-cells

2.   Sebastian Amigorena (Institut Curie, France)

  Presentation of exogenous antigens to cytotoxic

  T cell by dendritic cells

3.   Yoichi Takaue (National Cancer Center Hospital,

Japan) Cell-Mediated lmmunotherapy at NCC


 4. Shin-ichiro Fujii (Univ of Pittsburgh, USA)

   Vaccination of patients with hematological

   malignancies using dendritic cells

From DC Biology to Immunotherapy 2

 1. Karolina Palucka (Baylor Research Institute,

USA) Dendritic cells: biology and therapeutic


2.   Hideaki Tahara (Univ of Tokyo) Development of

DC gene therapy based on the analysis of the

tumor-DC interaction