Macrophages '98

June 18 and 19, 1998 Yamagata Central Community

Center 1 -2-39 Nanokamachi, Yamagata Conference

Chairman: Fujiro Sendo, M.D. Department of

lmmunology & Parasitology Yamagata Univ of


Regulation of Leukocyte Functions by GPI-anchored Proteins

1.   Taroh Kinoshita (Osaka Univ) Biosynthesis and

  structures of protein GPI anchors

2.   Atsushi Kosugi (Osaka Univ) Modulation of T

cell receptor (TCR)-signaling pathway by thymic

shared antigen-1(TSA-1):TSA-1 is specific

among other GPI-anchored proteins?

 3. Fujiro Sendo (Yamagata Univ, Japan)

   Regulation of leukocyte extravasation by a

   novel glycosylphosphatidylinositol  (GPI)-

   anchored protein

4. Howard R. Petty (Wayne State Univ, USA)

Integrin-urokinase receptor interactions as a

   window on the neutrophil's signaling apparatus

Cancer, Inflammation and Macrophages

1.   Michihiko Kuwano (Kyushu Univ) The possible

role of macrophage infiltration in angiogenesis

and malignancy in human tumors

2.   James D. Winkler (Smith Kline Beecham

  Pharmaceuticals, USA) Co-dependence of

angiogenesis and chronic innammation

3.   Tetsuro Yamamoto (Kumamoto Univ)

Discrimination between monocytes and

neutrophils in chemotaxis by cross-linked S19

ribosomal protein homo-oligomers

4. Elizabeth J. Kovacs (Loyola Univ, Medical

Center, USA) Estrogen, macrophages, and

regulation of connective tissue deposition

 5. Harold F. Dvorak (Harvard Medical Sch.,

   USA) VPF/VEGF, microvascular

   hyperpermeability and the mechanisms of


6. Hiromi Fujiwara (Osaka Univ) Molecular

mechanisms underlying T cell migration

responsible for IL- 12-induced tumor regression

7. Yutaka Takahashi (Kanazawa Univ) Platelet-

derived endothelial cell growth factor (PD-

ECGF) in the angiogenesis of human colon

   cancer and gastric cancer: Role of macrophages

8. Junji Hamuro (Ajinomoto Basic Research

Institute) T cell dependent reticular fiber

formation in tumor stroma promotes the healing

   of the necrotic inflammatory sites

Macrophages and Atherosclerosis

1.   Yasunori Abe (Baylor College of Medicine,

USA) a4 integrin and VCAM1 1 dependent

adhesion of leukocytes under shear stresses

2.   Masafumi Takahashi (Jichi Medical School)

Monocyte-endothelial cell interaction in


3.   Tatsuhiko Kodama (Univ of Tokyo) A role for

macrophage scavenger receptors in

atherosclerosis and susceptibility to infection

4.   Akira Miyazaki (Kumamoto Univ) Expression of

acyl-coenzyme A: Cholesterol acyltransferase

(ACAT- 1 ) protein in human atherosclerotic

lesions and in cultured human monocyte-


 5. Masanori Aikawa (Brigham and Women's

Hospital, USA) Mechanisms that regulate

atherosclerotic plaque stability: Role of