Macrophages '96

May 16 and 17, 1996 Nagai Memorial Hall,

Tokushima Univ, Tokushima Conference Chairman:

Saburo Sone (Tokushima Univ)     

Chemokines and Diseases

 1. Pathophysiological role of IL-8 and MCAF in

   vivo, Akihisa Harada (Kanazawa Univ)

 2. Differential regulation by Th2 cytokines on MCP-

   1 production by human monocytes, Seiji Yano

   (Tokushima Univ)

3. Chemokines in Rheumatoid Arthritis, Alisa E.

  Koch (Northwestern (Univ, USA)

4. Expression of Chemokines in vivo Teizo

  Yoshimura (NCI, USA)

Gene Targeting and Disease Development

 1. Targeted disruption of the genes for NF-IL6 and

   STAT families, Shizuo Akira (Hyogo College of


2. STK/Macrophage stimulating protein (MSP)

receptor regulates the terminal differentiation of

macrophages, Toshio Suda (Kumamoto Univ)

3. Targeted disruption and overexpression of the

  endothelin-1 gene in mice, Hiroki Kurihara

  (Tokyo Univ)

4. The biology of platelet-derived growth factor:

lessons from knock-out mice, Christer Betsholtz

(Goteborg Univ, Sweden)

5. Targeted disruption of interleukin-1b converting

enzyme: Altered cytokine response and apoptosis,

Keisuke Kuida (Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of

Medical Science)

6. Inflammation and autoimmune manifestations in

the TGF-b1 null mouse, Stefan Karlsson (NIH,


Cell to Cell Molecular Signaling

1. Signal Transduction by Members of the TNF

  Receptor Superfamily, Mike Rothe (Tularik

  Incorporation, USA)

2. IIP-1:A GAP-like protein implicated in IL-1

  signalling, Jennifer L. Mitcham (lmmunex

  Research and Development Corporation, USA)

 3. TGF-b receptors and signal transduction, Kohei

  Miyazono (Cancer Institute)

 4. The role of protein kinase(s) in LPS-induced NF-

kB activation, Yuji Ishikawa (Kanazawa Univ)

 5. C-type lectin from macrophages recognizes

major carcinoma-associated antigens Tn and

sialyl Tn., Noriko Suzuki (Tokyo Univ)

 6. Structural and functional studies on sialoadhesin,

   a macrophage-specific adhesion moleculel,

   Paul R. Crocker (John Radcliffe Hospital, UK)