Macrophages '95

May 18 and 19, 1995 Inuyama International

Convention Center Inuyama, Conference Chairman:

Kikuo Onozaki (Nagoya City Univ)

Molecular Mechanism of LPS Signaling

1. LPS signaling in macrophages, K.Akagawa

  (NIH, Tokyo)

 2. Molecular analysis of LPS receptor signaling

   leading to NF-kB activation in a cell-free system,

   Y.Ishikawa (Kanazawa Univ)

3. Integrin dependent NF-kB activation in

monocytes, S.Haskil (Univ of North Carolina,


 4. Discovery of selective inhibitors for a novel

 protein kinase involved in LPS and cytokine

 signaling, J.C.Lee(SmithKline Beecham, USA)

Development and Ontogene of Macrophages

 1. Adhesive mechanisms of leukocyte endothelial

   cell interaction, C.W.Smith (Baylor College of

   Medicine, USA)

 2. Differentiation and phenotypic heterogeneity of

   murine tissue macrophages, M.Naito(Niigata

   Univ, Sch. Med.)

 3. Role of yolk sac-endodermal cells with special

  reference to the fetal macrophage differentiation,

   A.Yamashita (Hamamatsu Univ, Sch. Med.)

4. Mononuclear phagocyte heterogeneity: the

phenotypic approach, P.J.M.Leenen (Erasmus

Univ, Netherlands)

Gene Therapy Now

 1. Tumor vaccination therapy with multiple

   cytokine genes, H.Hamada (Cancer Institute,


2. The generation of T cells for cancer therapy:

   preclinical and clinical trials, P.Hwu (NCI, USA)

 3. IL-12 gene therapy of cancer: animal models to

   clinical application, H.Tahara (Pittsburgh Cancer


 4. Recent progress in vector development for gene

   therapy, H.Kotani (Gene Therapy lnc., USA)