The University of Tokyo, Komaba Research Campus
UTEC Young Researchers' Challenge Support Program

The 6th recruitment has started

Due Date: 12:00 noon Thursday, Oct. 31, 2019
Guideline is here.
Application form is here.

(posted 2019.10.04)

The 5th recruitment result out

The following 5 people adopted for the 5th.

Name Research Title
Kosetsu Uji
(IIS Dept.2 Hasegawa Lab. M2)
機械学習を用いた壁乱流における瞬時場と最適制御入力のパターン解析@Brown Univ.(USA)
Takumi Fujiwara
(IIS Dept.5 Takeuchi Lab. D1)
全球3次元植生地図開発に向けた現地調査@Asian Institute of Technology, and other(Thailand)
Shintaro Fujimori
(IIS Dept.5 Kim lab. M2)
人工衛星によるリモートセンシングを用いた、陸域生態系の干ばつに対する脆弱性」に関する研究を進めるため、NASAJPL研究所にて研鑽する@NASAJPL (USA)
Mutsuhisa Ban
(RCAST Kumagaya lab. D3)
バーチャルリアリティによる障害理解の理解-メタ理解-のために:国連障害者権利条約の多面的検討を通じた研鑽@UNHCR, and other (Swiss)
Rui Izumiyama
(RCAST Koizumi lab. Research Associate)
プレイスメイキング手法(Place Game)研究と国際的ネットワークの構築-Placemaker Week ASEAN 2019の参加を通じて-@Placemaker Week ASEAN 2019(Malaysia)

(posted 2019.7.22)

The Main Purpose

RCAST and IIS have established “Young Researchers’ Challenge Support Program”, funded by University of Tokyo Edge Capital (UTEC), in order to encourage young researchers to develop their abilities further internationally. 

Program Details

This program is providing financial support for young researchers in all research fields at Komaba Research Campus, such as natural science, engineering, humanities and social science, in order to expand their research sphere through their experiences to collaborate with researchers of other countries. This program covers participants’ transportation and accommodation expenses. Participants must submit “Planning Sheet” before departure and “Report Sheet” after returning home. Oral presentation is mandatory so that participants shall be able to further this program’s activation.


Candidates must be graduate students in doctoral or master courses, senior student (B4) of undergraduate, postdoctoral researchers, or research associates who belong to RCAST or IIS. Project postdoctoral researchers should confirm their own effort rate. For more detail, go to Guideline".