Global Governance of Water

Project Leader: Prof. Mikiyasu NAKAYAMA

About the "New Research Initiatives for Humanities and Social Sciences"
of the Japan Society for Promotion for Science

This new programme is to look into, analyze and propose countermeasures to various problems that human societies face today, such as the loss or degradation of social ethics, globalization, and the collapse of sustainable social systems. It promotes collaborative researches across different disciplines of humanity and social sciences to form research projects towards solution of existing problems in the society and send across concrete proposals for improvement as outputs of the projects.

In 2005 five research fields were adopted to come under these initiatives. The research project "Global Governance of Water" belongs to the Field II, which aims to pursue the ways in which coexistence of different societies with varied senses of value in this era of globalization.

"Global Governance of Water" Project

During the past century the conflicts over international water systems and resources have increasingly developed into serious problems in some parts of the world. In this context, it has become evident that the establishment of "global governance" of water resources is in urgent need today, just as in the field of energy and food production/consumption. In order to establish such "global governance of water," it is necessary to draw up a new set of code of conduct, as well as methodology and system framework to enable its proper function.

The research project "Global Governance of Water" consists of two components: a core research component "Blue Revolution," which tries to establish a new code of conduct for global water governance, and the other component which looks into "transboundary impact assessment" as methodology to appropriate thus established new code of conduct. The project aims to generate positive impacts for the international community through various policy proposals coming out from its research activities.

Core Research I: "Transboundary Impact Assessment and Water Governance"
Leader: Prof.Mikiyasu Nakayama, Professor, University of Tokyo

Core Research II: "Blue Revolution and Water Governance"
Leader: Dr. Koichiro Kuraji, Lecturer, University of Tokyo

Last updated: 28 September 2005