Prof. Abbas Firoozabadi Special Lecture

Date Tue-3rd&Thu-4th, A1 term
Place 33 lecture room
Lecturer Prof. Abbas Firoozabadi
(Reservoir Engineering Research Institute&Yale University)

Thermodynamics and Applications in Bulk, Interfaces, and Nanoscales
Thermodynamics shapes the understanding and formulation of diverse groups of problems in energy production, hard materials, soft matter, nanoparticles, and climate change. In thermodynamics, one examines bulk phases and the interface between the bulk phases as well as heterogeneous state in confinement. This course is divided into two parts.
The first part covers advance classical thermodynamics. The second part covers statistical thermodynamics and molecular simulations. In the first part of the course we present unified approach to bulk-phase equilibrium thermodynamics, bulk-phase irreversible thermodynamics, and interfacial thermodynamics and thermodynamics of thin liquid films in the framework of classical thermodynamics. Concepts of stability, criticality, and the effects of curvature, gravity, and electrical charge on equilibrium are covered in multicomponent systems. The grand potential is introduced to study equilibrium in open systems and in inhomogeneous nanopore domains. A number of concepts and problems related to phase change and interface energy, past climate changes, thin liquid films, and premelting and nonequilibrium effects are discussed.
In the second part of the course statistical thermodynamics followed by molecular dynamics simulations are covered to use key molecular and atomistic aspects to compute bulk properties as well as adsorption at the interfaces flow in nanopores.

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