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[NEW](2017.09.01 update)
Prof. Abbas Firoozabadi Special Lecture
Date Tue-3rd&Thu-4th, A1 term
Place 33 lecture room
Lecturer Prof. Abbas Firoozabadi
(Reservoir Engineering Research Institute&Yale University)

About Our Laboratory

Our laboratory has been established as a research program sponsored by JX NOEX. We are conducting research on project-based novel methodologies, beyond individual element technologies, for ensuring energy resources. Our future achievements are expected to help the long-term stability of domestic energy supply, and further, our education and research activities founded on this program are expected to contribute to fostering human resources with design ability, which is required in the international community.


Due to the urgency of the world energy demand, there is a pressing need to develop not only conventional but also unconventional energy resources such as shale oil and gas. At the same time, however, there is a growing concern about the increase of environmental disturbance associated with human activity for exploiting unconventional reserves. The purpose of our laboratory is to optimize operational activities at various stages on energy resources development projects, which ranges from information gathering to development and even production. We aim at establishing novel methodologies to attain improved recovery factor while managing environmental disturbance properly.


Research Theme

  1. Evaluating value of information for decision making in reservoir development

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  2. Establishing novel methodologies for minimizing environmental disturbance and maximizing resource recovery in development of unconventional reserves

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