Dodbiba Research Group

Laboratory for Materials Processing, Recovery, and Recycling

Novel technologies are required for sustainable materials processing, to cope with the depletion of natural resources and environmental challenges. In an attempt to design a more sustainable future, Dodbiba Research Group is committed to finding innovative engineering solutions and developing materials or technologies. Our group identifies problems and works for solving them by pushing the boundaries of the current knowledge and expertise.

Dodbiba Research Group is interested in gaining a fundamental understanding of the behaviors of materials, minerals, solid wastes and effluent in aqueous systems. The topics we study are highly interdisciplinary, working at the interface of physics, physical chemistry, and colloidal chemistry. In our group, we carry out experiments and employ computer simulations to explore and develop environmentally-friendly chemical or physical processing methods and/or synthesize novel functional materials. We are particularly focused on improving efficiency and/or lowering the environmental impact of materials processing operations, by using less energy and resources as well as reducing emissions.

Finally, Dodbiba Research Group actively pursues collaborative research projects with other researchers at UTokyo and elsewhere, to assess the accuracy and reliability of our experimental results and predictions as well as to find inspiration for creative new ideas.


Selected Publications

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システム創成学学術交流会の開催について(11月22日) | 東京大学大学院システム創成学専攻

レアアース泥開発推進コンソーシアム | 東京大学 産学協創推進本部


グローバルな資源回収リサイクルセンターの構築 (WPIとの協定)

全学ハラスメント防止研修会 — 東大TV

Special Graduate Program in Resilience Engineering 2020 (Department of Systems Innovation).

Application for September 2020 entry starts on 2nd of September, 2019

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