Please confirm (or change) the email address registered with the library system


Following a system update from UT-mate to UTAS, students must register an email address with the library system on MyOPAC (or update their existing registration).
Please follow the steps below to either confirm your current email address or register a new address.


  1. Click the “MyOPAC Login” button at the top right corner of the U-Tokyo OPAC page ( and log in with your UTokyo Account.
    Note: This page can be accessed off-campus.
  2. From the “MyOPAC Service” menu in the navigation bar, select “Change E-mail Address.”
  3. Check whether the address listed under “Registered E-Mail1 Address” is correct (if correct, you may log out with the “Logout” button at the top right).
  4. If the email address listed is incorrect, input the correct address in the “New E-Mail2 address” field. Enter it once more in the “Re-type E-Mail2 Address” field and then click the “update” button.

With the previous system (UT-mate), email addresses were automatically updated to the library system the day following the update. However, auto-updates are currently suspended.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the change. However, to ensure you receive notifications from the libraries, please register your current email address on MyOPAC.
Another notification will be made when auto-updates resume.

Information Service Team, Libraries for Engineering and IST
Email: (Change # to @)
Tel: 03-5841-6731 (Ext. 26731)