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The Mohammed b. Saud Bahwan Library for Middle Eastern Studies is the first dedicated Middle Eastern library to be established at the Komaba campus. Attached to the University of Tokyo Center for Middle Eastern Studies (UTCMES), the library was funded with a generous donation by Omani businessman, Mr. Mohammed Saud Bahwan. Construction began in 2017, with the library formally opening in May 2018.Initial work was carried out with the aim of creating “a library that is also easy for younger researchers to use.” Due to its accessibility, Komaba campus was a natural choice from this perspective. It is also where many students take their general education course in the first half of their degree programs. A number of project researchers are assigned to the library, and they are responsible for creating anthologies, registering new works, and staffing the lending desk. Presently, in December 2020, purchases and donations have expanded the number of books within the Mohammed b. Saud BahwanLibrary to over 2500 volumes. These include original texts, translations and research texts in Arabic, Persian, Turkish, and Japanese, as well as in various European languages. In line with Mr. Mohammed Saud Bahwan’s intentions of creating “a library that is open to all,” we aim to continue our work in building a rich environment that can be utilized by people from a diversity of different backgrounds. At the current time, it has been necessary to apply provisional restrictions on the usage of the library as part of countermeasures to prevent COVID-19 infections. Opening hours have also been changed during this period. For further details, please refer to the notice on the UTCMES homepage.



December 2020

Makoto Kurasawa


Project Researcher

The Mohammed b. Saud Bahwan Library for Middle Eastern Studies


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